3. Develop a Theme

Taking the time to ask questions, look around, listen, and pray about who you are as a church community in regards to the giving of your finances to the church is vital to choosing a theme. Creativity without authenticity will create a disconnect for parishioners to your campaign.

Dr. Seuss says, "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." Your church is unique. It has a personality. Your campaign theme tells the story of your mission and calling in the season of life that you are in; your campaign year. Telling your story through a campaign theme simply clarifies your message, your testimony, and your role in reflecting God's character. Daunting isn't it?

Your church brand should inform your theme. Your theme should support your brand. They should not be disconnected from one another. If your church recently had a fire, that event is a part of your brand; ie, its what's on people's minds and what they think of when they think of your church. So, be careful/intentional when choosing your theme of "Igniting the fire" to make sure that it isn't received poorly or out of context.

Your theme should inspire. A theme of "Wandering the Desert" isn't very inspiring, is it? This communicates being lost, not knowing where you are going, and it communicates that you are operating in a mindset of scarcity, not abundance. Inspiration is vital to your campaign theme.

Lastly, your theme should be simple, clear, and easy to remember. Your theme will only effective if your audience can understand it quickly.

Sample Annual Campaign Themes

Shining Our Light. Sharing Our Love.
Making God's Love Visible.

At Project Resource 2.0 in Atlanta, May 2017, we presented a mock campaign for Christ Church, "Shining Our Light. Sharing Our Love." Discerning a theme for your annual giving campaign is a process that can include sermons, faith formation opportunities, and formation at vestry and other leadership team meetings. Starting with the “Why” through the framework of why we give back to our Creator through our tithes and offerings and how giving is a part of an individual's faith is vital to your campaign. Below are some tools and templates from the mock campaign "Shining Our Light. Sharing Our Love." Please use them as needed to craft your own campaign messaging.

Love. Care. Give.

Made in God's Image

More Than Enough

Embracing Joy

Loving Without Limits

A Journey of Generosity

ThanksLiving: An Attitude of Gratitude
A three-year campaign:

  • Year 1: Magnitude.  A sense of something greater and how that plays out in grace, gratitude, and generosity. The Why of Gratitude.
  • Year 2: Longitude. A journey of where we are going. “The way, the truth, and the life”… we are “on the move” as a church. Being people of “the way”
  • Year 3: Multitude. We are a more than enough church. Feeding of the multitudes.

GIFT: Growing in Faith Together

Living Generously

Strengthening Our Spiritual Home

Grateful Giving

Our Whole Heart

Expanding Branches and Deepening Roots

Together....as One

Walking the Way - journey together to explore how the practice of intentional giving deepens our walk with Christ and supports life-giving ministries to our community and beyond.  Day by day, week by week, people in and around St. John’s experience their life of faith in new and deeper ways through your commitment.  Your generosity generates mission and changes lives.

The Great Invitation

Inspired to Share

Growing in Generosity

Tree of Life - http://www.ecfvp.org/tools/217/rector