5. Launch & Celebrate

Launching a successful annual fall campaign requires a healthy infrastructure. Before launching ask yourself:

  • Does our parish have appropriate procedures for receiving gifts? Gift Acceptance Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • Does our parish office have healthy practices on recording pledges and submissions to financial institutions?
  • Do we have updated lists on previous years of giving?
  • Have we segmented these lists to see if there are those that require different approaches?
  • Has the parish’s leadership made their early/initial gifts?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, it’s time to invite the entire parish to join the parish leadership in giving.

Kick-offs can take various forms according to context. However, all successful kick off events include the following:

  • The “Why” clearly communicated in all communication pieces
  • A thank you to the volunteers/donors who have already contributed
  • A clear set of goals articulated for the fall campaign
  • Mechanisms in place for distributing/receiving pledge cards
  • An ethos of connection around a singular purpose. How you gather is important, but why you gather is the priority of focus.