Love. Care. Give.

Saint John’s is a community of people just like you who are here to love, care, and give. It is a community of smiles, handshakes, and hugs. It is a place to know God, to know others, and to be known. It is a center for community where we offer the best of ourselves. It is a home where meals are prepared and served and where love is shown. Saint John’s is a church for service to God, to one another, and to those in need.

When we open our hands and hearts towards God’s work, we are making new things possible for this Cathedral. We are a place for everyone, no matter where we are on our journey with God. Saint John’s exists to help us each discover who God is. Transformation is hard work and we are committed to supporting and challenging one another as we work “to know Christ and make Christ known.”

We have all found Saint John’s for one reason or another. We find joy and meaning for our life here. We encounter God here through Christ-centered worship, inspiring music, encouraging sermons, opportunities for spiritual growth and development. We are a place for questions, rediscovery, stillness, and growth.

Saint John’s is a place of care. We find joy and meaning in our work with over 25 partner organizations and ministries to care for the homeless, the hungry, and the sick. We care for and minister to our fellow parishioners, sharing Holy Communion with those who are hospitalized or homebound. We care for children and youth through nourishing programs of spiritual formation, helping the next generation find ways to strengthen their relationship with God throughout their lives.

We experience life-changing moments here. They happen when we are challenged and grow in our faith and joy as followers of Christ. We give sacrificially as a grateful response to God’s many blessings and we express our profound gratitude for what God has done in our lives.

Made in God’s image, we love. Out of this love, we care for others. Out of our care for others, we give away what we have. We are a community, and we belong to our greater community of Denver. We give of ourselves freely and generously through our time, through our involvement, through our commitments, through our ministries, and through our financial support. This is our calling. This is our life together.


Shared by Saint John's Cathedral, Stewardship Season 2016