Thoughts on how to include Children’s Ministry and Youth in the Annual Stewardship Campaign

Participating in the Campaign:
Provide each child with a balloon, piece of paper, and pledge card.  Perhaps invite them to draw their blessings. Following Sunday, have them included in the offering and consecrated. Perhaps then hung up in the sanctuary during the season. Have children fill out pledge card and ensure they receive notices/ thank you’s as part of their pledge. On Halloween, have them give of their candy as an additional practice of offering.

Play a game called “Why?”:
Its a game where someone keeps asking “why” until the person being asked can’t answer any more. For example.  “We ought to give money to the church” Why? “Because the church does important things” Why? “Because Jesus told us to” why? “Because we are supposed to love each other” Why? “because God loves us.” Why? “No reason….”So… We should give money to the church because we should love each other because God loves us. The opening questions and the answers can be displayed as well.