1: Create a plan for receiving gifts

Parishes need to have an infrastructure in place for receiving planned gifts. Ensuring there are transparent ways for communicating how gifts are received and used is vital for bolstering a planned giving program.

Additionally, some gifts may not be at an advantage for the parish to receive. Gift acceptance policies ensures that leadership is able to make wise decisions.

Below are resources that can be used in developing a healthy, transparent infrastructure:

Example Resources

Planned Giving Brochures and Booklets from Episcopal Church Foundation

ECF's planned giving brochures and booklets are available for free download below. Additionally, printed copies are available for purchase through Forward Movement.

Planned Giving Brochures: present the basics of planned giving, explaining the how and why, as well as the different kinds of gifts that are possible

Planned Giving Booklets: explain in depth how planned gifts work, and provide instructions and application forms

Online Resources: