2018 Day 3 Materials

Major Gifts

We talk about making mission possible, about dreaming together, and defining the factors of success. We talk about framing our conversations around our "why" and incorporating these communications strategies into our donor interactions. Throughout the day, we'll dive deep into defining major gifts, constituency models, roles and responsibilities, how to make asks for major gifts, and setting goals.

Generational Characteristics

We'll also talk about generational characteristics of Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. We'll explore strategies of reaching each generation in the context of stewardship.

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Planned Giving

The final day will focus on planned giving and the science of giving. We'll return to the "why" and how relationships and expressions of values and priorities are central to successful stewardship. We'll explore tried and true strategies of donor advised funds and endowments as well as case studies of people who are of different generations.

Unfolding Project Resource

We'll end our time together by talking about how to incorporate measurable objectives of stewardship into Bishop visitations and how to unfold Project Resource and intentional stewardship training and resources in your own diocese.

2018 Day 3 Materials: Slides & Manual

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Training Manual
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Further Reading & Resources

Inside the Mind of the Bequest Donor
Russell James

Planned Giving on Demand, Episcopal Church Foundation

Donor Advised Funds, Episcopal Church Foundation